• magic light trick lights using battery operated puck lights
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    Magic Light Trick

    Have you heard of the Magic Light Trick from Brooke at Nesting With Grace? It! Is! GENIUS! Almost every person has, at some point, a need or want for a light in a certain place in their home where they can’t have a light. At least, not without getting an electrician involved. Maybe there is no outlet. Maybe the light needs to be hard-wired in an area where there are no wires. In the case of my Colonial Farmhouse, both of those options are true – at the same time. Throw in some stone walls and it becomes the trifecta of major lighting headaches. Ibuprofen can’t solve this problem, but the…

  • kid in pit of corn
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    Happy List: #139

    Hello, hello. I was feeling kind of cheeky when I wrote this Happy List, so be forewarned. On Monday I wrote about our visit to an arcade museum. It will bring out the kid in you! And then you’ll end up feeling really old when your kid asks if you “were alive” when this game was made “back in the olden days.” Totally worth it though. On Wednesday I shared big news…that I’m keeping the ruby glass chandelier in our house.  Given how much I’ve tossed, ripped out, and painted-over since we’ve moved in that was earth shattering news. If you want to see what the chandelier looks like with…

  • ruby glass chandelier

    I’m Keeping the Ruby Glass Chandelier

    I had zero pleasant feelings about the ruby glass chandelier in our living room when we moved in. In fact, I loathed it. Have you ever heard of the red light district? Don’t worry! This isn’t a story about that. Unless you drove by our house at night when the ruby glass chandelier was turned on and saw the red glow emanating from our home. Then you might think it was about THAT. Our living room quite literally glowed red. It was almost comical. It wasn’t even helpful in terms of illuminating the space. The seller had tried to sell the ruby glass chandelier at an estate sale before closing.…

  • Travel: Silverball Museum Arcade

    Travel: Silverball Museum Arcade

    I’ve lost count of the number of museums we have visited as a family. We aren’t gluttons for punishment. If these had been terrible, torturous experiences we wouldn’t keep going back for more. So that’s why it continually confounds me that our museum experiences starts like this every single time. My Kids: What are we doing today? Me: (in my best Oprah voice) YOU get to go to a MUSEUM! And YOU get to go to a MUSEUM! My Kids: But why? Do we have to? I want to stay home. *Insert other unintelligible whining here.* Only one time have I short-circuited that whining by saying… “We are going to a…

  • candy corn in a ball glass jar on the happy list
    happy list

    Happy List: #138

    Hello! Tonight we are going on a full moon hike with a bunch of strangers. Here’s hoping this isn’t creepy it isn’t cloudy! Monday on the blog was a fun one. I shared before and after photos of our music room. I think I’m done talking about that room for awhile! I’m not sure which room I will yak your ear off about next though. Although, if you’ve been following on my Instagram stories you’ll know I am painting a new room. And I’m not painting it white! On Wednesday, I shared a story about how and why we removed the garden bed in our backyard. Don’t we have the…

  • the great garden misunderstanding
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    The Great Garden Misunderstanding

    Our Colonial Farmhouse has a small patch of dirt that was used as an oddly placed garden for many years. The year before we bought the house a new septic system was installed and the garden area was damaged in the process. Add a little neglect to the situation and by the time we moved in the garden bed had become a riot of weeds with a few bits of fencing straining to stay upright. And that’s the nicest thing I can say about that eyesore. We’ve been meaning to remove or clean up the garden area for months, but it just hasn’t been a priority. A few weekends ago, Handy Husband…

  • music room before and after
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    Music Room Before and After

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever done a proper ‘before and after’ room post because that’s just not how I roll, but there’s a first time for everything! Today I’m going to show you pictures of our music room before and after because I’m at a stopping point in this space. Basically, I’ve called it ‘good enough’ for now. Or maybe ‘much better than before’ and I’ve moved on to other projects. Yes, there are still things to do in the music room. Will they get done? Definitely. Probably. Let’s not hold our breath. Last week I showed you my piano harp art. The piano harp art may be the…

  • happy list

    Happy List: #137

    Well, how is October treating you so far? Are you over pumpkin spice everything yet? The feeling of fall has been elusive on the East Coast. On Wednesday the temperature was 85°F. It dropped to a high of 55°F yesterday. That was not cool. Actually, it was cool, literally speaking. Too cool. It’s back to 70-ish now, so don’t worry about me too much. This week I shared the piano harp art we created for our music room. Next week I’ll show you the before and after photos of that entire space. All I can say is, it has come a long way since June! After that, I promise I’ll…

  • Metal and Leather Rooster
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    Metal and Leather Rooster

    Handy Husband and I were married for eight years before we had children. In those years, we worked hard. We played hard. Our lifestyle was not conducive to having a conventional, living, breathing pet. We did have a metal rooster though. We even named him and I’m not embarrassed to admit that. I should be, but I’m not. Meet Roddy. He’s from a little farm I like to call Pier 1. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I like Roddy. He’s a keeper. However, sometimes when I walk by Roddy his metal tail feathers rattle and then I don’t like him very much. No girl needs to be reminded that they…

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    Piano Harp Art

    Every once in awhile an idea in my head, a wild hair, really, turns out even better than I hoped it would. And I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT going to play it cool and tell you how my idea to make piano harp art came to fruition. When we took apart the upright piano that had been left in our house when we moved in, I knew I could use the parts of the piano to make unique, statement-making art for our home. Of course, the pièce de résistance of piano parts is the harp and that was the hardest part to extract. Murphy’s Law. The piano harp is the part of…